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Petroleum Revenue Assurance Technologies is a leading solutions provider, process automation, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Big Data Analytics for companies in the oil and gas sector.

Our goal is to help our clients maximize productivity, increase asset availability, and efficiently drive their decision-making process. We deploy industrial IoT as a service that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud, software innovation to empower real-time, data-driven decisions for safer, smarter operations that maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a low-carbon future.

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Even under the toughest conditions, our process instrumentation and analytics ensures the highest productivity and resource efficiency.


You’ll have 100% visibility around all your operational activities.

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Remote operations

To succeed competitively, oil and gas fields need to operate at exceptional levels of availability and productivity. Ensuring these outcomes without incurring large CapEx or investing in personnel is a challenge.

Transform data into actionable insights

Manually collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data, often from functionally siloed systems, can result in data inaccuracy, inconsistencies and incompleteness. This can lead to decisions based on incorrect, missing or out-of-date information. There is also a risk that decisions will be made too late, which can have significant risk and cost implications. To succeed competitively, oil and gas fields need to operate at exceptional levels of availability and productivity. 

Integrated infrastructure

Today’s oil, gas or chemical facility depends on the functionality and reliability of information, telecommunication and security systems to operate safety and efficiently.